The Malvern provides accommodation, nursing and social care for people from all backgrounds and ethnicity who:

  • Are of any age; 18 years old and above
  • Have a diagnosis of a functional mental illness, including those exhibiting behaviour problems such as verbal or physical aggression, disinhibition, and constant wandering
  • Have mental health problems due to a history of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Have a mental illness or mental health problems with complex needs and present severe challenging behaviour which make them a risk to themselves or others
  • Need treatment and intervention from psychiatric nurses on daily basis, including administration of medication
  • Need close supervision and or observation of the symptoms of their mental illness
  • Experience severe difficulties with their daily living skills as a result of a mental illness or mental health problems
  • Are on Guardianship Order or other relevant sections of the Mental Health Act 1983 appropriate to Care in the community
  • Have medical conditions and general nursing care needs incidental to their primary mental illness diagnosis or mental health problems.

The Home may accept people with Dementia or Learning Disability if these are secondary to a mental illness diagnosis

These exceptions may, however, be made after undertaking a comprehensive assessments of the prospective Service User’s needs and after consultation with the Home’s Inspector of the Commission for Social Care Inspection

The Malvern would continue to cater for new and existing service users who become ill and disabled over time as they grow older and who wish to continue living in the home until their last days

Medical conditions and general nursing care needs incidental to the primary psychiatric care needs are catered for..