Philosophy Of Care



Our guiding principles are consistent with rights, independence, choice, security and inclusion to generate the necessary dynamic atmosphere in the Home:

Service users, as individuals and collectively, are encouraged and supported to exercise their rights to the full, influencing decision-making and the day to day running of their home to openness and transparency.

Permissiveness of Behaviour
Service users are encouraged to express themselves as individuals through their behaviour, personal clothing and appearance, language and speech.

Reality Engagement
Service users and staff in the home are enabled to comment and provide each other with feedback on their behaviours and attitudes as seen through the eyes of others around them, in ways and manner that still preserve their dignity and respect.

Service users and staff share certain amenities and activities within and outside the home without compromising service users’ rights to privacy or freedom. This creates many opportunities for service users’ rehabilitation and acquisition of new skills through everyday interaction with and modelling on the staff.

Privacy and Dignity

We promote service users’ privacy and dignity and protect their modesty by:

  • Being as discreet as possible when giving help to service users in intimate situations.
  • Helping service users to furnish and personalise their rooms in their own style and to use them in any way they wish for leisure, meals and entertaining.
  • Providing a range of locations around the home where service users can be alone and quiet or with others of their choice.
  • Providing service users with lockable bedrooms and storage spaces
  • Enabling service users the use of telephones, open and read their mail and communicate with friends, relatives or representatives without encroachment on their privacy by others.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of information in the home held on service users.


Our service users are given the opportunities and encouraged to think and act with little or no reference to another person in a variety of circumstances. This is deemed all important in the balancing act of preventing a dependency culture in the home during the process of providing necessary help and support for service users. 

We achieve this as follows:

  • Recognising and acknowledging service users’ abilities retained for self-care and for carrying out independently other tasks of daily living activities
  • Supporting service users in taking reasonable and fully thought-out risks.
  • Assisting service users to maintain their earlier external relationships with others and creating opportunities for them to establish new ones.
  • Avoiding the use of any form of restraints, including medication, on service users except when it is the last and only resort, in a hierarchy of intervention, essential in safeguarding the security and wellbeing of the service user or others in extremely difficult and urgent circumstances.
  • Involving service users in the formulation and evaluation of their care plans, and allowing them ready access to their records.


We actively promote the exercise of choice by our service users in all aspects of their lives
Interesting menus, a wide range of leisure activities, flexible daily routines are offered, and each service user is treated as individual and according to their needs


  • Systems and processes are in place to support the environment to ensure service users have freedom from physical, mental, verbal and financial abuse from all possible abusers. 
  • We have a positive and a no blame culture which allows a vigorous investigation of complaints and adverse incidents and near misses from which lessons are learnt and acted upon.
  • Service users needs are met through the development of trusting and genuinely caring relationships with the service users by staff within safe and fully explained boundaries
  • Efforts are made by our staff to continuously connect with service users, in an atmosphere of genuine regard, instilling feelings of well being, safety, security and sanctuary for service users
  • Observation for safety is balanced with service users’ privacy
  • Our comprehensive and ongoing risk assessments with service users  identify and help manage any risks to them or others
  • Appropriate assistance is provided for service users in the management of their personal finances.