The registered Provider / Manager of the Home is Mrs Halsall who holds the Registered Mental Nurse (RMN) Qualification. She has over 20 years experience working with the severely mentally ill both in hospital and in community settings. She has run the Malvern since 1988 within that period. Mr Barry Swinbourne, Assistant Manager.
He has many years experience in a senior management and administrative position in the IT industry. He joined the Malvern in June 2004 during which time he has brought his good business skills and vast and excellent Management experience to bear on the home.

The Home is staffed with highly skilled Registered Nurses. They all have long and varied experience in the care and management in hospital or community of the mentally ill. Some have additional training in the Care of the mentally ill in residential setting, and in the management of people with challenging behaviour.

They all have competencies in the care of the acutely mentally ill as well as the care, management and rehabilitation of the long term mentally ill.

They are supported by experienced Care Assistants, whom have either NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Health Care. We maintain this level through staff selection and training.

Our staff recruitment and selections process takes account of the Equal opportunities, Race equality and Protection of Vulnerable Adults.
Staff are carefully screened before being accepted into the team to ensure the protection and safety of our service users.

Reviews of individual staff training needs are ongoing through the use of staff supervision and performance appraisals.
Standard and periodic training for all staff cover areas such as:

  • Fire safety

  • Food hygiene

  • Prevention of cross infection

  • Moving and handling

  • Management of violence and aggression

  • Protection of Vulnerable Adults

  • First aid

  • The homes Philosophy of Care

Monthly staff meetings are held in the home to address any challenging issues by problem solving approach, and share new information in the day to day running of the home. The meetings form part of the openness and transparency in which the home is run.

Working with Others

The Home liaises with other professionals with the aim of providing a seamless service for service users, and making it possible to achieve the health surveillance and management of service users in the home
All such contacts and their outcomes are recorded in service users’ case files

Psychiatrists – Psychiatric reviews and follow-up appointments are arranged according to each service users needs. Frequencies vary from a few months to a year ands may be conducted in the home or a clinic depending a service user’s circumstances.

Social Workers – Regular written or verbal reports and personal contacts informing them of service users’ progress or noteworthy changes in their circumstances. They are involved in the six-week post admission reviews.

General Practitioners and Practice Nurses – Service users are encouraged to retain their own GP’s as far as possible. All service users attend at their GP surgeries for consultation except those incapacitated by their conditions who receive home visits.   
Repeat prescriptions, periodic medication reviews each within a maximum of 12 months, seasonal vaccinations against influenza for susceptible service users, and other forms of health surveillance services are accessed through GP’s

Paramedics – Where emergency treatment is required staff of the home maintain vital signs until arrival of Paramedics. Suitably experienced Care Assistant then accompanies the service user to Accident and Emergency Department if necessary and, remains with the service user until relieved. In all cases care plans and other relevant documentation accompany the service user to hospital, to update staff in the emergency department.

Chiropodists/Dentists/Opticians/Specialist Nurses/Speech Therapists and Hospital Consultants – These are accessed either through the GP or directly, depending on individual service user’s circumstances.